Son of Sylverine: The Series – Episode 20

“Great one please don’t do anything similar to that again, I’m sure my heart stopped for a moment,” I murmured to myself in a little prayer as I lurched off the ground to sit on the bed. I could still feel my heart throbbing loudly to the scare I got in the dream and this added to the pain circulating around my body from the tournament I had the previous day. As I stretched myself to stand from the softness of the bed, I could hear my bones creak and for the first time in forever I felt tired so early in the morning. Sluggishly I moved to a large wooden table beside the only window in the room which was constructed directly opposite the entrance and made myself comfortable on a stool beside it. I had several historical documents, and scrolls at the table, many of which were legendary containing ancient magic sorted by mortals and fairies all over Rheudinia, others were written in languages I couldn’t understand. I pulled one of the scrolls open and searched through it, quickly I pulled open another and went through it but even through several documents I couldn’t find what I was searching for, Mount Javr.

“Whatever is making you study so young in the day must be far important than visiting the Royal chamber to greet your father as you are accustomed to” A voice startled me from the doorway and I turned to see the Suz standing before me in a purple outfit that made him look much like one of the court clowns.

“His Majesty,” I said sprouting up to my feet and gave father a bow,

“Hello Suzzac,” he replied as he moved from the doorway towards my side and took a look at the scrolls spread randomly across the table.

“Kronii mentioned to me that your entourage got back to the palace rather late and you had a lot of fun at your Tournament.”

“Father I had a dream again” I said and for a while it looked like the Suz froze, obviously he didn’t know I was going to have one this time. Quickly he turned his head sideways at me and the gesture I saw in his eyes was that of pure amazement.

“The same dream?”

“Another legend Father and it was here in Zeclub.” I replied. Now he turned completely at me, his eyebrows raised in a frown. I could always remember that look of curiosity in King Bdollium’s eyes, those dark brown eyeballs brightened with inquisitiveness as his face rose into a frown, he always looked legendary.

“A legend here in Zeclub?” his voice fell low into a whisper, “Where?”

“Mount Javr.”

“Mount Javr? Nacalitus, that mountain only existed in myths” he replied putting a hand to my shoulder.

“But how could that be when I actually stood in it” I stood pensive a while before suddenly I remembered the Isuz’s words, the mountain couldn’t be seen with mortal eyes because of the illuminating object I saw in it.

“Father, When was the last time an appearance of the mountain was recorded in history?”

“I can’t really say Son but I read of a myth dated over ten thousand years ago and it narrated that the first royal sword of Zeclub was forged from the matter within the mountain, then it also narrated further that Javr disappeared of the surface of Rheudinia over ten thousand years ago when Naymata a Suzzac of Zeclub hid the royal sword back in the mountain after slaughtering his brother Rommed in his sleep with it.” King Bdollium replied and moved back to sit majestically on my bed. For a while I couldn’t believe my ears, even with my vast knowlegde of the history of the people of Zeclub, I had never come across Suzzacs with the names, Rommed or Naymata.

“Rommed? I guess Rommed was to be King? The Zeclubian curse was that ancient” I asked raising my brow and the Suz shook his head slowly in agreement.

“Naymata killed Rommed on the eve of his coronation and the curse was believed to originate from that single act but the mystery of the whole fable is that no remains or physical records have been found for both Rommed and Naymata except this myth which was written by a man who was believed to be raving mad”

“A myth by a mad man… and nothing else but mystery but I assure you father Mount Javr indeed exists” I said and rolled up the scrolls on my table. Suddenly the Suz stood off the bed and trudged towards the door yawning as he did.

“If the mountain the dream god revealed to you was Javr, then it must be here somewhere and we’ll be counting on you to find it son.” He said after pulling the door open and leaned on the frame supporting it.

“I can’t go anywhere near it until the Isuz mandates me father.” I replied clearing the last piece of document from the table, I had arranged the scrolls into neat bundles beside the table and moved away from it.

“Good, so there’s just enough time to fill that hungry stomach of yours before the council queries me for starving you to death.” He humoured as I came towards the doorway and I smiled.

“I might just tell the council exactly that.” I replied and he bursted into laughter.

“You would do no such thing, save you have the stomach for a whole Egglorn and a basket of honeybread” He replied and our laughter vibrated through the walls as I followed him into the large corridor, closing the door behind me.
I actually expected the dream to repeat itself like the first but it failed me, the dream god knew I wouldn’t forget a single detail of it. After I had the dream my daily routine slightly altered as I spent more time searching for documents associated with Mount Javr and Zeclubian legends. Gradually I began to understand the curse mortal man suffered in the phalanges of knowledge, curiosity was the key to his thraldom. The curiosity to get more ideas drowns us deeper into the waters of knowledge and like an addiction it never gets enough, we keep taking it in both that which is good and evil. Slowly the pieces began to fit into place like a puzzle, giving a face to the mystery, the uncertainty that had survived over ten thousand years. Though several scholars of history would find my conclusions rather superficial but sometimes you have to look beyond reality to understand some mysteries in our world. I dissolved that the mysteries began with Zeclub, not the Kingdom but the man. Although legends have it that Isuz Harmid was sent by Mighty Aisuz to disperse the sands of Creation upon the waters of Rheudinia at the beginning but it was Zeclub the first mortal that performed the duty. How Zeclub came into contact with the Sands would forever remain a mystery though there have been several speculations but it’s believed that he single-handedly brought about the creation of the lands of Rheudinia. And according to the mad man’s myth, Zeclub was suppose to return to Sium after completing the Isuz’s task but he refrained, he stayed on Rheudinia and beautified the planet, planting gardens with special dusts he got from Eesuz Astore and designed several of the beautiful nature we adore today. Soon news of Zeclub’s creativity flooded the streets of Sium and all of the gods began descending to Rheudinia to see the paradise created by the works of the first of man and they marvelled at his genius. The Creator was also well pleased with the mortal and gave him the title Zeclub which meant ‘The Beloved’ and this became his name. He was so pleased that he created another mortal to be a companion to Zeclub and just as light and darkness is an extension of each other, so was this creature to Zeclub. The first of man accepted this being excitedly from the Creator and found her to be pleasing to his eyes; he gave her the name ‘Ecclesia’ which meant my companion and from this two humanity began. Zeclub and Ecclesia lived on Rheudinia amidst the gods and thousands of creatures reproducing sons and daughters, it was a time like no other upon this lands. Then just like every story, dark days came and it almost tore Rheudinia apart. Zeclub was a handsome being to behold and his creativity made him even more adored by the goddesses, they would come in groups to watch him work entertaining him at every opportunity they got. Although several of them wished to lay with him but it was against the laws of Sium so they refrained from fear of the creator’s wrath but one particular Eesuz didn’t just adore him, she was obsessed. The protector of the seven realms, Eesuz Nartia got obsessed with Zeclub and seduced him several times into laying with her but he refused each time and each time her obsession grew. Then it got to a point she couldn’t accept his denials anymore so she asked a messenger of Sium to make her a portion from a forbidden tree growing in the outskirt of Sium, the tree of Concupiscence. With the powers of this abominable portion, Zeclub was totally vulnerable to her desires, he was hypnotised. Eesuz Nartia succeeded in seducing and sleeping with him. Just after the Eesuz had her desire satisfied, the effect of the portion wore off her victim and he grew mad with rage. Zeclub went completely berserk and tried to strangle her to death but Eesuz Nartia was far powerful than he could ever be. She wrestled with him and conquered, quite an easy victory but that wasn’t enough for her. She decided to punish Zeclub for attacking her and as a warrior that she is; the only punishment she knew was death.

“What? She killed him?” the Suzia gasped and King Naca shook his head in agreement. “What sort of creature kills what they love?”

“Make no mistake my dear Suzia, whatever Eesuz Nartia felt for Zeclub was everything else but love. She killed Zeclub even when he pleaded for his life, rendering his children fatherless and I would believe her action incepted mortal man’s disrespect for the gods of Rheudinia.” The King replied.

“And they blame man for breeding perversity in his heart when they planted it there,” Sud who had been very quiet said in a tone that sounded more like anger.

“Be far from that thought son, if Mighty Aisuz really blamed man for his wicked nature, believe me he would have wiped Rheudinia clean of his kind. Just like not all men are evil so also isn’t all the gods and He that is above us all, both man and god knows this fact.
At the time Zeclub breathe his last, a loud terrifying sound was heard in Sium and the entire universe shook to it. Immediately, a very large ball of elements the realms had never seen came down towards the Eesuz from the sky at a speed faster than sunlight and as it hit her, it caused a very large earthquake that broke the land of Rheudinia into the fragments we have today. It was obvious the Creator was greatly displeased at the death of Zeclub for he imprisoned Eesuz Nartia alive in a large diamond deep within the core of Rheudinia denying her forgiveness for eternity. One would believe that story, legend, myth or whatever you would have it called ended there but it didn’t, fate is such a slithering creature that has sly ways of twisting tales, even those of the gods.



Son of Sylverine: The Series – Episode 19

“Hello Nacalitus” the creature saluted me in the most kindly voice in all of Rheudinia and I opened my eyes to find the dream god sitting by my side with his usual charming smile. “Now am starting to get jealous of sharing the same face with you” he said humorously as he pulled my ear, I smiled and bowed in obesiance.

“It’s been seven years great One” I complained and he nodded quite carelessly in agreement.

“Seven years and you have grown into a fine man worthy of admiration” he replied and floated up to stand above me, “Get up son, I would like to show you something important” immediately I jumped to my feet and noticed that my weariness had disappeared, I felt invigorated.

“Where are we going this time great one? I’m rather of age now so it would be quite inconvenient to fly me all the way to Astore” I told him as we moved along the walls of Zeclub towards the forest North West of the Kingdom and the Isuz chuckled loudly to my words.

“Quite some humour you got son but we are not travelling that far this time” He replied still leading the way ahead of me. We walked a long distance along the Wall and got to a low grassland before the forest. This particular biome was such a spectacle to behold; extremely large trees stood from the end of the grassland and were thickly dispersed across the hill far ahead. There was a narrow macadam-road running from the beginning of the grassland through the forest as far as I could see.

“Are we going through that?” I asked

“Yes we are. Are you scared?” He replied turning round to take a look at me and I shook my head immediately, frowning vigorously as I did.

“I have not seen a forest before except on paintings and from the shores, not really seen one this close” I replied him honestly and he gave me a weird stare.

“Don’t get too excited son, you would be seeing larger forests than this in the years to come. Now come along” he said tersely and moved into the forest as I followed closely behind.
The terrain within the forest was dark devoid of Haimen’s splendour; the crowns of the trees battled for sunlight and didn’t leave some to fall to lower plants beneath. As a matter of fact, there wasn’t a single plant shorter than the massive trees, it looked like the forest trees were all cultivated at the same time. Our path was filled with heaps of dead leaves as far into the forest as my visibilities could reach. This biome seemed so cold and ghostly, the only sounds I could hear were my heartbeat and the rustling made by the reaction of my feet and the dead leaves, even the Isuz ahead of me made no sound. It was a longer walk than I expected into the forest as we continued moving uphill and after what seem to me as days we came to a large river which ran out of the forest and off a cliff into a waterfall.

“So are we going down the waterfall?” I asked the great one when he approached the cliff.

“No, we are going over there” he said without looking back at me, he was pointing ahead across the river and far beyond him was a dark large mass that stretched high towards the sky. In the sunlight, the mass seems to evolve reddish fumes from above it.

“And what’s that?” I asked. As I came to stand beside the Isuz, I couldn’t help but notice and adore the beauty of his body; Sylverine was truly a god in all aspect.

“Let’s find out” He said and immediately elbowed me; his attack caught me totally unaware so I fell off the cliff. I can’t really remember if I screamed or shouted as I fell but before I hit the water, the Isuz caught me strapping his hand across my chest and took into flight away from the waterfall and the river.

“That was a grim joke, why did you do that” I screamed out of a mixture of both fright and anger as we flew across the river and I could hear the Isuz above chortle at my rampage.

“I just wanted to teach you the most important lessons in life and you are making a big show of my lessons” the Isuz words confused me gravely.

“And what lessons would being pushed off a cliff, teach me” I asked as my anger subsided solemnly within me, there was apparently nothing I could do about it anyway.

“Be alert at all times son, that’s a major key to survival” the great one said and his words left me speechless. He had spoken a lot of wisdom in those diminutive words and I couldn’t help but nod in agreement to them, it was the first advice I heard from the dream god or any god in general and one that I would forever remember.

“Fair enough, lesson well learnt” I replied. Now my anger had turned into smiles and the rest of our journey across the sky was travelled in serenity. Soon we were near the dark fiery mass that seems so far away and I could actually see that it was a very tall mountain and a volcanic one too as mixture of red and black fumes shot out of its opening.

“Where are we?” I asked the Isuz as we got nearer the crater of the mountain and I noticed the terrain we soared into was quite preternatural.

“Haven’t you ever heard of Mount Javr” the Isuz asked as we floated down into the crater but I couldn’t reply because there was so much noise in it. The heat emitted by the volcano was so unbearable and fumes kept rising but even with this I could see the red molten rock boiling down beneath us.

“Mount Javr disappeared off the surface of this planet about ten thousand years ago when Mighty Aisuz punished me for the deaths at the fortress in Astore” he said after dropping me on a rock some distance above the boiling lava and landed beside me, although I couldn’t really understand why he got punished for the killings in the fortress at Astore but I wasn’t in the mood to ask. The rock on which we stood was almost glowing hot, it burnt painfully through my footwear making me very uncomfortable and the only thing I wanted to do was get out of the volcano. As I did some kind of dance to lessen the pain in my feet, I noticed something shinning in the fumes some distance below the rock we stood on; it glowed like golden caligraphs were inscribed all around it and it looked very weird. I stood petrified to the spot gazing at this mystical object; I was certain I had never seen anything like it before.

“Well, well, well… I guess you have found exactly what we came here for” the Isuz spoke awaking me from my reverie. Startled, I turned to where the voice sounded from and found him staring at the mystical object too, precipitately I shifted my gaze back to the object below us and suddenly I felt connected to it, like it called me incessantly by name in voices that sounded more like the whispers of the night.

“Do you hear that, it’s calling you” the Isuz said and at first I was stunned wondering how he knew but then I thought, he is a god isn’t he? He knew exactly what I was thinking and smiled.

“What is that thing?” I asked casting a sideways glance at him

“That is exactly what made Mount Javr disappear” he replied

“So it’s magical” I spoke loudly to myself

“Yes it is son and you are going to get it but not today” he said tersely and immediately my countenance changed, we were standing just some feet away from the mystical object and I couldn’t just stretch down and grab it. Honestly I wished never to come back into this inferno not even for anything more important than this magical object but I knew except the Isuz was kidding with me, I had no option.

“Why can’t…” I could say before the Isuz grabbed me by the shoulder suddenly and dived off the rock towards the red hot fluid in the belly of the mountain. Everything happened so sudden but I remember screaming at the top of my vocals as we were just about coming into contact with the boiling rock, then in a wink of an eye everything became dark and serene. I was expecting to feel burning pains all over my body from the heat of the molten rock but preternaturally; I could only feel some pains in my left forelimb. Slowly, I opened my eyes to notice I was on the ground in my chambers back in the Zeclubian Palace and at that moment I realised I just had another dream after several years.


Son of Sylverine: The Series – Episode 18

“What happened where?” Another voice sounded more deeply from the doorway and immediately I knew who it was as Jafrad turned and bowed. The Suz was standing at the doorway, looking surprised at the havoc the fairy had caused.

“Jafrad, what exactly do you intend doing with this mess?” King Bdollium asked the fairy and he stood still scratching his head like he couldn’t understand a word of all the Suz said.

“Father, what happened to Su Kus?” the words flew out of my mouth before I could think but I was glad I asked. I was expecting the Suz to look really shocked at my request but he just gave a sigh and moved towards my bed.

“Jafrad, please give us a moment, I would be attending to the Suzzac now” he said relieving the fairy of his duties for the moment, without hesitation the cute creature gave a bow and left the room pulling the door to a close behind him.

“Now we are alone, you can ask me anything you want to my little Suz” Father said as he sat beside me on the bed and at that instant, I lost my voice. I opened my mouth to speak but could hear nothing coming out because my thoughts went completely blank. Father smiled and held my shoulder like he knew exactly what was going on in my mind.

“You want to know what happened to your mother Su Kus?” He asked softly and all I could do was nod resolutely, I couldn’t find my tongue still.

“Su Kus went on a journey, a very long voyage across the realms and you are too young to understand right now but you would someday. I want you to know that she loves you just as much as I do and someday where she is, we would be too” he said softly as his hands moved gently to the back of my neck and I could feel them trembling as he spoke. The Suz voice was mixed with so much passion that it sounded like it vibrated through his hands but his countenance displayed something completely different. Though at that age I couldn’t understand what voyage would keep my mother from seeing her child but since I was going to see her someday, my curiosity was perfectly fed.

“I love you Father.” I said as I leaned forward to give the older man a hug, he smiled and ran his hands around my back, squeezing my frame tenderly.

“I love you Son more than you could possibly imagine.” he replied and at that moment nothing in the world else mattered. It felt like reality had vanished before my eyes and the festive rhythm playing in the Suz’s chest was the only thing I could understand, this was one of the best memories I would always treasure of Suz Bdollium.

“So what did you get to wear on that memorable day? I guess it’s the diamond studed damask jacket because you always look so adorable in them” Princess Mozzarella said as the Suz took a brief pause from his narration and sipped from the golden cup beside him.

“I can’t remember what exactly I wore that day but I’m pretty certain it must be the damask, Father loved them so much to an extend it was rumoured all over the Kingdom that it takes only a gift of white or golden damask apparels to get into the Suz’s grace.” He said and chuckled.

“And that was just a rumour, wasn’t it?” the Suzia asked again and the Older man motioned his head in agreement.

“It was just a rumour but believe me child, rumours aren’t all mendacious, there’s always an iota of truth in them. Even at times rumour are more exposing that the truth itself, neither take them lightly or very serious my dear child” the Suz replied his daughter and without wasting time he continued with his narration.

Days flew by like the breeze of the waters and each day I was being fashioned into the Man I am now, a good judge of character, a great swordsman and a well learned scholar of magic, the three points of a Warrior’s triangle as Father used to call them. At the age of sixteen I was granted freedom to roam beyond the palace grounds in the company of two captains and though I wasn’t all that pleased but I enjoyed my tours through mighty Zeclub. It was the perfect avenue to show the citizens the kind of Suz I would become, i made a routine of going into the marketplace and helping the elderly merchants sell their wares. And I was pretty good at that even though I felt that I sold that much because I was Suzzac, but even if I wasn’t king I would have made good fortune from being a merchant. Then came one fateful day, I got back into the palace so weary after competing against my escorts and some of Zeclub’s greatest swordsmen at the shore near the north entrance of the Kingdom, a tournament I founded and it took place weekly. This particular day, I lost in the final match against one of the captains which was becoming rather usual and got flung into the chill waters of flasras as punishment for my loss. We all had so much fun that day that I got back to the palace rather late and completely exhausted. It was my usual habit to go to the Suz’s chambers and feast with him before retiring to my part of the palace but this particular day, I went straight to my chambers. I was so tired that I ignored the salutations of the palace attendants and soldiers which must have been completely unusual, I was so tired that I didn’t know how I got into my room but I’m pretty sure I fell to sleep as soon as my body came into contact with the softness of my bed.
Just as I closed my eyes, I heard sounds like calls of sea creatures and movement of waves against the water audibly through my ears; it felt strange because it was utterly impossible to hear sea tides from within the walls of the palace. After some hesitation my eyes pulled open lazily to find myself sitted on the shore some distance away from the north entrance of Zeclub. Solemnly I turned round to observe my terrain and there was no mortal in sight, even the guards at the North gate were not there and like a magic spell confusion floated into my mind. The clouds were already meant to be dark without sunlight and I was supposed to be on the soft bed of my room in the comfort of the palace, so I could not explain what I was doing on the cold white sand of the shore beneath the splendour of Haimen. Just as knowledge was invented by the creativity of Mortal man, so also was confusion and when Man suddenly doesn’t find understanding for certain phenomenons that he once had knowledge of, he falls into the pit of confusion and I was the latest inhabitant.

“What sort of magic is this” I asked myself in anger, I still felt tired and very weak.

“Magic? Magic is Tomedov’s play thing, the exact instrument that led to his doom. This is a dream, my play thing” a masculine voice said to me and I could recognise it instantly, I kept turning around to see where the voice came from but there was still no one in view.

“I just hope you’re looking for something else not me because I’m here within you. You know exactly what to do if you wish to see me” the voice sounded succintly again and I smiled, he had just given me the clue. Immediately, I closed my eyes and made my wish, instantly I felt a creature landing beside me.


Son of Sylverine:The Series – Episode 17

“It’s okay son, you are safe now” another voice spoke to me and I could recognise it, it was King Bdollium. For a while, I was scared to open my eyes but later I grew the courage and did. I was back in my room in the palace of Zeclub and father was carrying me on his laps, holding me very close to his chest.

“I saw Sylverine” I said looking up to his face lit by the flickering flames of the chamber’s torches, he nodded in agreement like he knew exactly what I saw and I could see the outline of a smile spreading across his face.

“I know son, I know”

“He showed…” I manage to say before I was interrupted; the King put a finger to my mouth.

“Shhh! You have to sleep now Naca, you can tell me everything tomorrow” the Suz said smiling at me, I shook my head in agreement though I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t narrate my dream to father at that moment but I obeyed and placed my head gently against his chest. Solemnly, the events of my dream played randomly across my mind, the handsome face of the Isuz felt so real and I couldn’t help but smile at the thought. Deeply lost within my thoughts I could hear the throbbing of the King’s heart as it became melody to my ears and it rocked me in his laps till sleep flew by and stole me away.
At the first light of dawn the next day, I woke early and found myself back in my little bed; the King had left for his chambers. Quickly, I got off my bed, got into a silk robe and stole into the royal chambers to wake father with the tales of my dream the previous night. The Suz was up early as usual and he listened to my narration without interrupting, sieving every important piece of detail from it. I grew up to have no other friend and companion than my father and I actually didn’t have a need for one but well I won’t say I really had the opportunity to make friends since everywhere beyond the palace wall was marked off bounds to me. The relationship between us grew so intimate that the Royal attendants would call me the third Suzzac of Suz Onyx and father played his part as King, Father, Brother and friend perfectly well. Anytime he isn’t at court attending to Kingdom matters, you’ll find us by the warm spring in Onyx’s vineyard either rolling upon the beautiful green lawn or sword practising with wooden swords. Suz Bdollium would always be remembered as a great King of Zeclub but above that, he was a wonderful father and friend. My childhood was so filled with happiness and love that I never had a cause to think of mother except on rare occasions where I had to stare at her sculpture in the garden of the Sus. At that tender age of five, I had been thought a lot of things, things children years older would never know and the art of imprinting or artistic expression was the skilled I grew favoritism for. I would sit on my little throne and table beside the Suz at court and draw or paint things from my mind and father would look astounded at my genius, sometimes I would even carve creatures and give them to guests at court. Each day I grew more intelligent and each day, I had the same dream over and over again for five more years until I could master every single action detail and when I turned ten the dreams stopped. The dreams had become a fundamental part of my night and I felt I had done something to instigate the wrath of the Isuz when it stopped occurring. During this period without the dreams, my mind drifted unexplainably to mother, Su Kus and although the Suz never made mention of what happened to her, I conceived the thought that she left Zeclub with the gods and for years I never had a reason to think about her but when the dreams disappeared, I thought of her again and wondered what charming virtue she possessed.

“She must be an Eesuz” I kept telling myself each time the thought of her crept into my young mind. This sudden attachment to mother grew so strong that I became so curious to know who my mother actually was and the reason she left me to be cattered for by the Suz alone.
One beautiful day, exactly two dawns before the day of the waters, which was then celebrated within the palace as the day of Sacrifice, the reason for that celebration I didn’t know until years later when I became a man. I was being dressed by my cute red skinned quite humourous he-fairy, named Jafrad.

“In this you’ll look more silly than a purple pumpkin” he said in a voice that sounded more like creaks and flung a piece of my beautiful Ecclesian made diamond studded violet damask jacket to a corner of the room. He had been so engrossed in his little exercise almost all morning and I knew he wouldn’t come up with something for me to wear, Jafrad like Gnome was very weak in making up his little fairy mind on anything, that’s the virtue that made them both very loyal and hilarious.

“You can use magic to make new ones for me” I said trying to persuade him from causing more havoc to my room but he just turned round towards me with raised eyebrows.

“No Suzzac, you were taught the Magic code. Magic isn’t meant to be used for personal gains but “he replied before I interrupted his little recitation.

“…but for the greater good, I know but you haven’t found me anything to wear still, you are tearing my room apart Jafrad” he stopped what he was doing suddenly and turned towards me.

“Apologies Suzzac but it’s for the Greater good” he creaked again and resumed his task with invigorated awe. Jafrad wasn’t the kind of fairy that listens until he is being screamed at and I wasn’t in the mood to scream at him at that moment. I sat idly in my bed and watched the creature satisfy itself to my detriment, solemnly the thought of mother filled my mind once again, it rolled like a hurricane and there was nothing I could do to fight the depression it brought along, it was a weird feeling of loneliness.

“How I wish mother was here” I muttered mindlessly.

“How I wish too, Su Kus the great Eesuz of Ecclesia. She was just perfect until…” Jafrad creaked startling me with his words and I moved my gaze quick enough to catch the gloom upon his handsome face before he turned it away from me.

“Until what? What happened?” my voice rang high as my face flushed with eagerness.


Son of Sylverine: The Series – Episode 16

Days grow old but never grow grey, seasons running into each other like athletes in a race. The days of our lives are like writings on the wall, but we are all blind to see these walls so we perish in the search of knowledge that needn’t be found and glory that we don’t deserve. If the intelligence of man was really at the same level with the gods, he would have seen that this life, nature and everything beautiful and ugly in it is nothing but a mirage. An Illusion designed to make our lives either easy or complex depending on the ignorance we mix it up with. Our lives could thus be written as caligraphs on the papyrus of happiness or the mouldering ruins of destruction but the stylus to write the tales of our existence is like fate in the hands of destiny under the auspices of time and space. The fool takes to his fate and suffers in its malignant hands but the wise transforms all disadvantage into achievements and with hope he climbs high to Sium to dine on tables made of aurum with the gods and Mighty Aisuz. People had always drawn a conclusion that I was special, different and that I had ultimate control of my destiny but little did they know that I am no different from them; I live each day with a hope to see tomorrow and not a fear of what it brings. Destiny can’t be controlled, it’s a channel directing the course of our lives but it can be modified to flow into paths we wish for it to go.
Years went by like scenes of a boring farce and the son of the legend grew like every other child, perhaps every other Zeclubian Suzzac. He took classes in several matters and Suz Bdollium did not fall to get him the best teachers in all of Rheudinia. He was special and all his teachers were well pleased with him, he was so unique that they began to refer to him as the wise one. Though the King did well to conceal the mystery of his birth and who he really was, the ability of this young lad was beyond physical, drawing a suspicion among even his teachers. He learnt of all the gods of Rheudinia and all their history at a most tender age of four and had a natural likeness for the dream god, which made the Suz quite disturbed. The young boy would demand to be told stories of the great one only and that of Lord Tomedov once in a while; he was so obsessed with the Isuz that he demanded for paintings of the god only in his room. These unusual actions began to grow suspicion all over the land of Zeclub and surrounding kingdoms and it got so worse that the Suz had to cancel several of his classes especially those with renowned wizards and magicians.

“Father, you are speaking in the passive, like you were told” Suzia Mozarrella interrupted the narration again with her smile which was always charming.

“Do you expect me to remember things I did when I was four? I am not Gofer you know. Yes, I was told most of the tales of my childhood” the Suz replied quite frankly and continued his narration, he sounded like he was getting rather annoyed at his daughter’s almost regular interruptions.

One night when I was around five, I had a particularly weird occurence. As usual the Suz would carry me to my bedroom when the matters of the day were over but instead of retiring to his royal chamber on this particular day, he made himself comfortable on a rest chair in the room and narrated a story to me till my ears were too tired to listen anymore. And just as I closed my eyes to the weariness of sleep, I suddenly found myself standing alone in the royal court and there was so much sunshine in the room that I couldn’t help but cover my eyes. Then I heard sounds like several flapping of wings descending ahead of me beyond the Zeclubian throne and soon I could see a full grown man standing among beautifully coloured birds just beside the Throne. This strange man emitted so much light that I could see only the outline of his amazing body. Precipitately, I began to retreat towards the doors of the royal court creating as much distance as possible between the stranger and I. All of a sudden one of the birds with the man flew towards me and in fright I took to my heels running to the door, screaming for help as I did. It was easy getting to the door but it became futile as it wouldn’t open and it looked like nobody could hear me from the other side. The bird landed on my shoulder and though it felt so scary to have a bird bigger than my head perching on me but it just sat and blinked innocently. At that moment, I could hear the man laugh at my frustration as I turned around to face him and the sound of his voice shook the floor beneath my feet; I began to get really scared. Solemnly, the light around him reduced and behold standing before me was the one and only Isuz I had always wished to see in my dreams. Suddenly I felt excited and surprised at the same time and he smiled charmingly at the sight of whatever gesture sprinted across my face.

“Isuz Sylverine!” I exclaimed, eyes widened in excitement, he smiled and came towards me.

“Hello Nacalitus, did I scare you?” he asked in the kindest voice I have ever heard as he knelt infront of me, slowly I nodded my head in agreement but I was sure he was scaring me still.

“Am sorry I did” he apologised as he lifted me in his strong arms; his smile persistent like it was carved eternally into his godly face. With me sitted comfortably in his arm, he moved towards the court doors and inscrutably they pulled open on their own accord as we got towards them. We floated through the corridors towards the main entrance of the palace and I noticed there weren’t anyone around, no soldiers or attendants, not even one of the palace boys or even the Suz and his royal council, the entire building seem totally deserted.

“Hold on tight,” the Isuz said to me as we got to the porch of the main entrance to the palace and moments later we were ascending towards the bright blue altocumulus sky soaring out of Zeclub and the lands to the west of Bathesdi. We travelled a long distance over the waters east of Rheudinia until I began to feel sick at the speed of wind opposing us. Soon we were flying over the waters of Calitura towards the land of Astore and I noticed there was some strife going on in a fortress to the south of the Island.

“Look! Over there! There’s an uproar” the five year old Naca said innocently as he pointed downward to the mayhem beneath. The Isuz took a quick glance at him and smiled.

“Yes, and that’s where we are going” he said tersely. Moments later, we were descending into the fortress on Astore, the fortress of Galliza. And the uproar going on in the fortress was the legend of Astore repeating itself. I could see a look alike of the man that carried me fighting against a woman, Eesuz Isshura. Suddenly, everything began to move quickly before my young eyes, the look alike struck the Eesuz in the back and she vaporised with a terrifying scream. Just as the Eesuz disappeared, everything around us paused for a moment. Then all of a sudden the events began to move like a rewind through time and space, quickly the Eesuz appeared again and her fight with the Isuz’s looked like it was going backwards. Time and space rolled anticlockwise and I watched curiously the events that occured ahead of me. In about an hour, the legend of Astore re-occured before my eyes but it was quite difficult for a five year old like I to understand the importance of the details. I just stared like I was watching one of the court dramas, the only difference was the sight of real blood and use of lightning which were very horrifying sights to behold. I can’t say I watched all the events because I closed my eyes in fright through most of the details.

“Hey! Open your eyes son” I heard that gentle voice of the Isuz say to me and I obeyed. The Isuz was squatting before me with his hands upon my shoulder and I noticed we no longer were in the fortress at Astore. We were now standing on soft white sand that looked like the shores of Zeclub but there wasn’t the great and mighty wall but a magnificent gold building with large gates and the aura surrounding the building was glorious.

“Did you watch all I’ve shown you?” he asked me, his smile still persistent upon his godly integument and I shook my head in disagreement.

“It was scary and father always warned me not to play with real swords but why did your brother kill that Eesuz?” I asked, my face dropping in a sad stare and the Isuz ran his fingers through my blonde hair with a charming smile.

“Your Father is a very wise man, I guess you are too young to understand the complexity of existence, cheer up son, it’s just a matter of time. Now look at that,” he said pointing at the magneficient structure far ahead of us.

“Do you know what that is?” he asked and I nodded quickly in agreement.

“A palace?”

“Smart boy, it’s not just a palace but mine and any time you want to see me, you now know where to come.” he replied winking at me.

“Really, I could come any time?” I asked in confirmation as excitement grew in me and the Isuz smiled charmingly in agreement. I was so excited that I leaped in joy and the Isuz laughed at my little gesture of euphoria.

“Common, run ahead and take a tour of the place. I would be right on your heels” he said pushing me gently ahead and I ran excitedly towards the awesome structure. Just as I came into some distance of its magnificent doors, it pulled open inwardly and I was accosted by blinding white lights that made me scream, covering my eyes with my little hands.



Son of Sylverine: The Series – Episode 15

but before he could an end to his brother’s life, one of the captains grabbed a spear from the hands of one of the soldiers that stood outside the court and threw it at the Suzzac. The spear hit its target in the back and pierced through his heart, coming out through his ribs, it was a perfect aim. The Suzzac grunted and fell towards the Suz but quickly, he raised his legs and flipped the younger man over. When he stood, he took a solemn stare at his brother’s body which was now bleeding from the chest and closed his eyes in meditation. The captains and soldiers rushed into court towards the Suz and bowed.

“Good aim Soldier, the king spoke, his eyes still closed, “You should have left him to me.”

“Am sorry my lord but the Suzzac was going to strike you,” the captain that threw the spear replied kneeling before the King. The Suz turned his head to look at the captain and turned back his gaze at his brother’s body.

“He wasn’t even close but I think his days were long overdue,” he said in a voice that sounded like it was mixed with grief. Then he moved towards the body and covered its eyes, at that same instance tears streamed involuntarily down his face.

“I promised father that I would never lay my hands on you but fate had destined your end already. May you find peace in the land of the ghosts.” He soliloquized sorrowfully and sobbed quietly. For a while he perched over his brother’s body in tears, and then he stood up wiping the tears off his face and turned towards the captains and soldiers.

“Prepare the body for burial and send messengers into the kingdom, summon the whole of Zeclub to court. Tell them, the Suz has words for them and get someone to clean this place up.” He said and walked out of the court amidst their bows.
It was a blue day upon Zeclub and the only day two members of the royal family would be buried in the history of the land. Though the Suz was trying very much to keep it low but he felt the people, citizens of the land had the right to know. So he went out to the front of the palace where several citizens of Zeclub were gathered awaiting him.

“The Suz approaches” a loud masculine voice sounded just before a loud blast of horns as King Bdollium stepped on the porch of the main entrance into the palace followed closely by members of the council of Elders, then the Queen Mother and the captains of Zeclub behind an entourage of Ecclesian royalties who came for the queen burial earlier in the day. As he appeared before the throng, they went down on their knees and bowed before him, every one of them man, fairy and child.

“Arise good people of Zeclub, I appreciate that you all left your jobs and homes to heed the voice of your King on such short notice. I know you would have heard news, rumours about the tragedies at the palace and I would like to set the rumours right.” He raising his hands high above him and his words brought murmurs all over the ground. He could clearly see the uncertainty in the eyes of his people and began to contrive in his mind a way to make them understand in diminutive words without giving any cause for speculations, although the business of the palace is only that of the Suz but an honourable one would his best get his people well informed about major proceedings at court.

“You should all know this day is a very sad day in the history of our great kingdom and I decree that no sound of merriment should be heard in all of Zeclub and its provinces. Yesterday, the dark messenger conveyed our dear Queen and Suzia of Ecclesia, Su Kus to the land of the ghosts and perhaps her passing on brought about the strange thunderstorms experienced last night.” As he said this, the murmurs increased until it became so loud a gong had to be hit to bring the throng to serenity. After waiting for the crowd before him to fall silent, he continued.

“I also announce with deepest regret the passing on of my brother, Suzzac Jodan who I believe most of you are displease with”

“He was a traitor, he was supposed to be dead a very long time ago with that evil court magician” a female voice interrupted the King from among the crowd and it was followed by loud cheers. The actions of the people of Zeclub made the King sore, King Onyx would have never imagined that one of his sons would be disapproved by the people, for in his heart he had bred the finest of men, though he couldn’t hide the fear that Jodan was going to be a problem but he had an optimist’s heart and wished that the younger Suzzac would find his own purpose and quit hunting after his brother’s right to the throne, a wish that didn’t come true. Swiftly the events of the Court magician’s execution came to his mind. Quen was King Onyx court magician and he was also Jodan’s accomplice in an attempt at his brother’s life, an attempt which turned futile and the magician took responsibility for. He remembered how he begged for the old man’s life to be spared, telling his father it was his life he attempted and Jodan was as guilty as he is and also the words his father told him,

“A man is a man, he doesn’t change, circumstances may fade his potential but the man would still remain and as long as Quen lives, our lives are in jeopardy, you, I and even Jodan who he seem to favour” this words rang through the Suz and tears lick out the corner of his eyes, they were true not about the magician but for his brother.

“A man would always be a man,” he said to himself and now he understood why after several years Jodan still made an attempt on his life, his brother was born dark in the heart and nothing could change that.
Suddenly, the harsh sound of the gong startled him and this was followed by a loud voice roaring at the top of voice.

“Silence!” and everybody went quiet like it was an order, “The King still speaks!” the voice continued, it was that of a Zeclubian captain. Quickly, the Suz wiped the tears in his eyes and cleared his throat.

“Even in all these tragedies, Zeclub has been given a blessing, something that supersedes all the traumas.” At these words, his face glowed with a smile and the priestess stepped forward with the pink woolly bundle of blankets in her arms. The Suz took it from the Queen Mother and raised it before the throng.

“Dear people of great Zeclub here behold your Suzzac, Nacalitus of Zeclub” he shouted from the excitement in his heart at the sight of his Son. For a while, the palace ground fell into serenity like they didn’t hear the Suz words. They heard but it was too incredible for their mortal hearts to believe. Suddenly there were loud cheers from amidst the throng and quickly, it spread through the crowd, in a matter of time the whole palace rang with cheers of excitement.
It was a happy ending to a very sad day; tears of sadness and pain were replaced with that of joy and a hope for a better future. Destiny has an inscrutable way of sprouting buds of happiness when we believe our hopes are lost, we see our life like it’s meant for the Hangman and all of a sudden its ours again with a radiant prospect, once again we feel alive. And when mortals believe solely in this beautiful thing called ‘Hope’, they would ascend to a level where impossibilities fade away, a level where man becomes a god. Later that day Jodan was buried and words of his departure was sent to his family in the outskirts of Ecclesia along with a plead from the Suz for them to come back home to Zeclub but his messengers never found the Suzzac’s family neither did they find anyone who knew them.

“What? Father he had no family?” Princess mozzarella asked, quite surprised at her father’s words. “So what was he doing all those nineteen years in Ecclesia?”

“He spent all those years trying to amass an army large enough to bring his brother down” the old man replied with a pitiful stare, “What a waste of purpose and an entire lifetime.”

“Jodan never learnt his lesson alive, he took his ignorance with him to the grave.” the princess said and shook her head in pity for her uncle, she took a stare at Sud and he had an emotional look on his face too.

“Now that is a lot of story about King Bdollium, Jodan and Su Kus. With the death of the Suzzac, an era ended and another started, the era of the Nacalitus.


Son of Sylverine: The Series – Episode 14

Laughter rang for a while in the court and it faded out when the court doors was pulled open and a female attendant strolled into the large room. She was dark skinned, slim and exceptional tall, and had long blonde hair which was rolled up into a bun. She looked quite beautiful in a flimsy pink gown and even the Suz couldn’t help but stare a while at her. She paid homage to him and moved towards the princess, knelt beside her and whispered into her ear.

“I remember Adree but as you can see I’m currently attending to more important matters. Send a message through the royal courier with my apologies and promise to be in attendance tomorrow.” she replied tersely and quickly, the attendant gave a nod and strode quickly out of court.

“Adree! Have someone bring wine to court for his majesty and my lady.” Sud ordered at the beautiful dark skinned attendant just as she got to the doors, she turned round and bowed in acknowledgement.

“I was supposed to be at the female games this evening but that can wait till tomorrow since I’ve been in attendance since it began four days ago,” princess mozzarella explained to her father and Sud who seem to stare at her like they were waiting for her to share Adree’s words with them.

“I hear your team is doing well in the games” her father said just as a man dressed exactly like Sud came into the court with a large beautifully crafted metal vessel and a golden tray with three cups on it. Quickly, he dropped the tray on the secretary’s table and took the largest cup in the tray, a gold cup laced with diamonds at its thin stem, poured a cupful of purple liquid from the vessel and handed it to the Suz. Then he took another smaller gold cup poured the purple fluid into it and handed it to the Suzia.

“Thank you Xiros, you can leave now.” sud spoke, smiling at the attendant as he was about to pour him a drink too. The attendant gave a nod and bowed to the King, then he hurried out of court.

“Yes father, you asked about my team?” the Suzia asked immediately after the court doors were pulled to a close and the Suz shook his head in agreement, “The team is doing great. They won all the races including the Griffin race, you should have been at the tournament yesterday, it was Team Suzia all the way but they couldn’t beat the Captains Team in Swords and Arrows. Even still, they are still topping the logs.” she narrated to her father and he smiled in approval, Sud shook his head slightly too.

“Now, can we go back to the tale, father.” she asked the King in a seducing tone and pursed her lips. The Suz smiled at her gesture and placed his cup on one of the chests by his side.

“Yes my princess, your wish is my command” he replied her and turned to Sud,”Are you ready Son?”

“Yes my King!” Sud replied quickly with a bow.

“Over the years, many wizards and sorcerers had searched predatorily for the son of the prophecy, the nacalitus of the dream god as he is called but all their search had ended in futility. Over Ten thousand years and several stories had been written of mortals who had searched all the lands to the west of Bathesdi especially Zeclub for mount javr, Sylverine’s fortress and perhaps the Naca. So when the son of the prophecy finally arrived, the Suz was obligated to keep it a secret between himself and the priestess of the temple for the safety of the child and perhaps the entire Kingdom of Zeclub.
A day after the birth of the Suzzac, in a short family ceremony Su Kus was buried. Her grave dug beside that of Su Afradia, King Bdollium mother in the garden of Su. Returning from the ceremony, the Suz ordered that Jodan be brought before him at court. It was exactly nine months that the Suzzac was captured and incarcerated in one of the palace rooms and he hadn’t set eyes on his brother all these while. So he felt surprised that the Suz summoned him to court so early in the day, it definitely was an important matter. Perhaps his days of existence were almost over, he thought and his mind kept juggling from one thought to the other. When he entered the court in the midst of six armed soldiers, the King was standing beyond the Zeclubian thrones, tracing the painting of the colourful birds on the wall with his fingers.

“He is here, my lord” one of the soldiers with the Suzzac alerted the King of Jodan’s presence. Instantly, he turned round to face the court and waved his hand to dismiss everyone at court. With bows they exited the court and closed the doors, leaving the brothers all to themselves.

“I summoned you to court, to give you news.” the Suz said as he descended towards his brother.

“News? What sort of news interests a dead man? If my time is due, I gladly accept my fate” Jodan replied abruptly and the Suz shook his head in disagreement to his words.

“Cheer yourself up Jodan; there won’t be anymore deaths in this palace. Infact I bring you good tidings, news that would gladden your heart”

“I never knew royal jesters do spread good news too, for nine months you imprisoned me in that hole, fed me like an invalid and kept me away from my family. So what good news can you possibly conceive? That you have considered to let me go free being the good brother that you always are and” he nagged and paused, totally confused on what to say next. The Suz walked round his brother in smiles and held his shoulder.

“You’re right, I’m letting you go and it isn’t because I just feel like but rather that the gods have given me a child, a Nacalitus” he said with so much excitement that his voice vibrated. Jodan for a while felt that his auditory was playing tricks on him; precipitately he turned towards his brother.

“You have a Son now?” he asked staring into his brother’s face and the King gave him a nod. Suddenly, he gave his brother a hug which surprised the King.

“I’m sincerely happy for you” he said and he sounded happy indeed as tears of joy flowed down his cheeks. Now he knew his ambition to be King was truly over, Bdollium now had a successor.

“The gods gave me the child of the prophecy, Nacalitus Sylverine” the Suz told his brother excitedly and immediately, the younger Suzzac’s countenance changed, his eyes widened in bewilderment.

“The child of the prophecy? The Naca? How is that possible?” Jodan asked in a frown. King Bdollium was too excited to notice the look on his brother’s face, he moved towards the thrones and knelt infront of it.

“All appreciation should be given to Sylverine but it’s the sacrifice of Su Kus that must have brought about it. I would miss my Queen and” he said before he was interrupted by a strange sound, like metals were dragged along each other. Quickly he turned round to find his brother pointing a sword at him. For a while he couldn’t understand what mystery was evolving before his eyes, a man that was happy about his Son now drew a sword at him.

“What is this madness Jodan?” he asked grimly, a curious look in his eyes.

“Why would the gods give you the Nacalitus?” he asked with a frown,”I always knew the gods were partial, they made you King and also gave you the son of the prophecy. The gods made a mistake; I would make sure I send back their gifts to them”
The Suz stood for a while startled at his brother’s words and couldn’t understand why such evil still existed in his brother’s heart; it was like he was cursed with it.

“I wasted so many years believing that you would turn from the path of rebellion but I guess that would not happen in this life” the King said and immediately, Jodan charged at him but before he could strike the Suz, he rolled away and ran towards one of the statues in the court, the statue of King Onyx and withdrew the royal sword by his side, Jodan was right on his track. Just as he removed the sword, he climbed up the statue and flipped away from it. And as he did, Jodan’s strike hit the statue at the knee, chopping off some pieces of sculpture.

“You don’t even honour father,” the king teased from behind him and Jodan went completely berserk. My father and his brother were trained by the best swordsmen in all of Rheudinia but like I was told, the King was more dedicated to the cause than his brother so he was a better and more experienced swordsman. The sound of clashing swords alerted the captains at the door and they had to come into court to feed their curiosity. Lo and behold, there before them was their Suz and his brother but it wasn’t really clear if they were actually battling or sword practising. The soldiers were confused because though the fight looked fierce, whenever the Suz dispossessed Jodan of his weapon, instead of striking him, he would step back and allow the younger Suzzac to regain his sword then they would continue to duel. The sword play continued and the King had the upper hand but suddenly the tables turned like fate punished him for not putting an end to his foe. He dodged one of Jodan’s strikes, stepping back as he did and tripped over one of the small tables in the court, instantly he fell losing his weapon as he did. At that moment, Jodan it was his time to end it all, now or never. Quickly he jumped at his brother raising his weapon high